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Careers in Deep Sea Diving

by Owen Jones

Have you ever considered an exclusive career? If you have, then you may have a lot of different careers in mind. If you enjoy scuba diving, then you may be asking yourself what sort of occupation you can get from scuba diving apart from being a scuba diving instructor. Apart from just being able to explore the ocean, you will see that there are occupations that entail deep sea diving.

There are a lot of occupations that entail deep sea diving. One such occupation is that of being a commercial diver. This kind of diving requires a lot of courage and strict training.

Deep sea divers are implicated in a lot of types of projects. One is salvage work on sunken ships, while others include the cleaning of the hulls of ships. Deep sea divers are also needed on deep sea oil rigs to weld pipes undersea as well as clean steel.

There is a wide range of projects that require commercial divers. However, training is very rigorous as you will need to deal with hazardous materials underwater, such as high explosives and you will be in dangerous conditions too. In this regard, commercial divers are distinctive from average recreational divers, because they are well-trained in all aspects of diving safety to the point that everything they do underwater should be perfect.

So, how does one become a commercial diver? Firstly, you have to remember that commercial diving is different from recreational diving. Having an open water qualification is simply not enough for you to become a qualified commercial diver. You still have to go to school for this type of employment.

In commercial diving school, you will be taught all about dive tables and how to use them. You will also be taught about undersea welding and how to handle high explosives underwater. Safety is the most significant aspect of commercial diving.

You will also be taught undersea communications and emergency safety procedures in case something goes wrong. In commercial diving, you will also learn about the dangers of working underwater, especially in deep diving, where nitrogen narcosis is quite common. You will also learn about the symptoms of nitrogen sickness or bends and how to become aware of it if a fellow diver is suffering from nitrogen narcosis.

You will also be taught about the different air mixes necessary to diving, such as air, nitrox, and trimix. This is vital as you will be breathing it undersea. Breathing the incorrect blend when you go deep sea diving can be lethal.

Commercial diving is a promising occupation that is full of adventure. The pay is one of the best in the world and you will also be able to utilize hi-tech scuba diving apparatus, such as rebreathers, state-of-the-art undersea scooters, underwater radio communications, as well as hi-tech industrial equipment.

Deep sea diving careers, such as commercial diving is a rewarding occupation. If you have the gumption for it and you want a occupation that is full of adventure, then commercial diving is for you. Just remember that in deep sea diving, safety must always come first. Remember these things and you can be sure that you will be able to have a wonderful and fulfilling occupation as a commercial diver.

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